2021 Calendar



  • 9th General Meeting
  • JCI Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 17th Coffee Chat
  • 20th Social – MBTI event 
  • 27th Project Cure Collaboration


  • 9th General Meeting 
  • JCI Discover
  • Power to Reinvent Yourself
  • 20-21th Membership Camping
  • 24th Coffee Chat – Social
  • 27th Houston Food Bank


  • 6th General Meeting
  • JCI Networking & Mentoring
  • 22-25th JCI USA Year-End Conference
  • Project Just Like Me
  • New member Orientation Social


  • 4th General Meeting
  • JCI Impact
  • Smart Goal Setting
  • Game Social Event
  • Marsh Mania


  • 8th General Meeting
  • Project Diversity Equity & Inclusion
  • JCI Asia Pacific Area Convention, Taichung, Taiwan
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • New Member Orientation 
  • JCI Effective Communication


  • 13th General Meeting
  • JCI Achieve
  • School Supply Distribution
  • Book Drive for Kids
  • Empowerment to Women/SKILL4Her

Jaycee Creed

 We believe…

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

that earth’s great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

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